School Profile

Forms and Prospectus are available in the School Office during working hours. Wood-Stalk is a co-educational higher secondary institution amd affiliated to the council of Higher Secondary Educaion, Manipur The school is directly run and managed by the Kumari Educational research and Development Society which envisages to establish more schools especially in the rural areas under the kumara group of schools. This school has been established to emancipate the under privileged and poor student and to develop knowledge based as well as aptitude based education in Manipur. With the aim to develop inter personal and intra personal dimensions of the students, the school has established four school- clubs, viz., Literary club, cultural club, Adventure club and musical club.It is mandatory for every admitted student to join one of the clubswhich is conducted by experienced and qualified staffs. The schools pays great importance to extra-curricular and outdoor activities such as study tour, inter school cultural exchange programmes, science exhibition, conference, competitions and group discussion programmes. The school also provides sound counselling facility to all students. Counselling plays a myriad of roles in different situations. Certain special facilities are provided to meritorious, ST, ST, Physically Handicapped , Sports proficient and poor students. The KERD Society sponsor worthy students in their pursuit of higher education.


Dear Students,

Welcome to Wood-Stalks, and I hope your two years study in the school will broaden your knowledge, skills and character. In Wood-Stalks, knowledge, skills and character are the pillars which support the entire philosophy of teaching.

To succeed, both in your council Examinations and in the competitive examinations, first and foremost you must be determined to acquire the depth of knowledge of the subjects you have opted. Being a student, your only aim is to learn more, and it should be your immediate, definite and chief aim to the exclusion of everything else. Success in your examination will be your first step towards attaining the cherished goal of our life.

Next to your knowledge, it is your personality and bearing that will determine your level of success. Sociability involves a certain amount of restraint on your behaviour. You must be polite, tactful, courteous, smart, energetic, active, keen, cheerful, and dress well.

You also must be optimistic. Optimism is more a matter of your general attitude to life, of always taking a positive and bright view of life. Optimism is an acquired and nurtured habit. To an optimist every cloud has a silver lining. An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity. Lastly I would like to give you a few ideas and tips that may help you face your examination with a cool head. (i) Be confident. There is greatness and capacity in all of us. Confidence comes when we have prepared well.( ii) Never compare yourself with others. Don't think anybody else is better than you. Do your best. (iii) Be consistent during examination time, see that you don't allow any distraction to come in your way. (iv) Understand what you study. When you read a book try to understand it; don't try to cram it or blindly memorise it, (v) Don't study just for marks. Good marks alone don't make you successful in life.(vi) Picturise what you study. A simple but very effective way to remember something is to visualize it and save it in the mind, as a picture. (vii)Fight the tendency to copy. Have faith in yourself and mind you, honesty pays. (viii) Don't keep your goal small. Let knowledge be your goal, and the rest in life is assured. (ix)Never despair if things do not go your way. If you destroy 'hope', you destroy 'future'. Hope strengthens our will to survive calamities, so that we never give way to despair. (x)Plan a job not just for money but to serve more. Great men are not born, but they grow great.

While in Wood-Stalks dedicate yourself in learning and sharing of knowledge. Grow tall and walk tall.


W. Angoumacha SIngh

Dear Parents/Guardian/Students,

The Kumari's Wood-Stalks School is a co-educational higher secondary school affiliated to the council of higher secondary Education, Manipur. It was established in 2004 under the aegis of the Kumari Educational Research and Development Society with the aim to impart scientific education and to train students for all round development of Intelligent Quotient(IQ), Emotional Quotient(EQ) and Physical fitness. Wood-Stalks endeavours to disseminate and train young students abiding to its moto of 'Education par Excellence' and credo of 'Espirit de Corps' in letter and spirit. Commitment to the cause of teaching, with special stress on mental fitness, moral values and physical wellbeing, imbibing the qualities of leadership plus tackling all challenges with elan and panache are the basis of education at Wood-Stalks. In brief Wood-Stalks is committed in bringing about a holistic approach in the present education system so as to make every student a competent person.


Dr. N. Nila Singh

Dear Students,

Deciding what you want to do or what you want to be is the first step in making a success of your study. The one indispensible pre-requisite of success is the will concentrated on a single goal. Having chosen your choice of study and having made your goal and having marked your route, what must you do next? You must take the first step towards the long march. The longest journey begins with a single step, and he who dares wins the long march. Success is not a matter of luck or genius; it depends on adequate preparation and indomitable determination. There is always a battle to be fought before the victory is won. In brief, to make your dream come true, you have to work hard, burn midnight oil, miss bit a of sleep and forego a bit of your leisure. Never mind yesterday or tomorrow, you must do todays work today. It is "by the sweat of thy brow shalt thou earn thy bread".


Late Wahengbam (Q) Kumari Devi


The School has been christened withthe Divine name of Late Wahengbam (Q) Kumari Devi. She was the diva of courage, love truth and wisdom. Wood-Stalks school is the Chef d'ocurve of those who are greatly inspired by the noble ideals which adorned her holiness. This School is a homage and a prayer to her departed soul. With her blessings, we shall ever remain committed to Landscape Gardening with young Wood-Stalks for a Better World.